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About This entire comm is based around a challenge from starttheclock where we entered icons based on the season two episodes, one episode at a time. It got a little AWESOME and we decided we needed to do it for the whole season (& beyond!)
1. tag with your username & the episode title & cycle number (for example: nowgold, water, cycle 23 or nowgold, miniseries part one, cycle one)
2. don't post two episodes in a row, someone else must post in between.
3. voting will occur at the end of every cycle, so after each daybreak part two, we pause.
4. never stop. :)
5. It won't always be the episodes, it may be that we do certain themes, or 'supply the caps' pass it on - so stick around for more exciting fun! (if you have any suggestions, go here)
6. All Icons must be made for this challenge. They can be posted in your icon journal, if you end up missing a round/or waiting a while, but they CANNOT be entered somewhere else.

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Icons to the right by nowgold xmaidelx greyfable & spud66cat